Stair climbing : Impact over pregnancy and conception.

stair climbing : impact over pregnancy and conception.


Just by planning to conceive or if a female gets pregnant ….. climbing stairs as her daily routine wont be any issue and would not effect baby or mother health and baby development

Neither does the ability to conceive is negatively effected by stair climbing NOR climbing stairs cause infertility

In start mid and end of normal/usual pregnancies(account 85percent pregnancy) routine stair climbing has no negative impact on mother or baby

If A Pregnancy is ‘high risk’ that includes:

a) low lying placenta b) spotting during pregnancy c) severely underweight or overweight mother d) mother age less than or 15yr or above 35yr e) grand multipara female f) under lying medical condition like mental retardation, epilepsy, hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes and other liver kidney issues. The doctor do and may advice physical restriction even upto being bed-ridden

By¬† just being pregnant doesnt qualify for physical restriction or stair climbing prohibition ,In Society like ours NOT doing physical activity……causes more harm than good In Pregnancy

lack of mobility including being restricted unnecessarily in normal pregnancy can lead To

a) Weight gain Way more than Required in pregnancy

b) constipation and Heart burn due to lack of upright posture

c) swelling in lower legs

d) dilated engorged veins and susceptibility to venous thrombosis (which is already more in preg)

e) poor engagement of Baby and descent in pelvis.

we need to clear self made social misconceptions ..

There are more chances of getting slipped in washroom with a bit of water spillage than from routine stair climbing that would be less in a day as compared to washroom visits in pregnancy.

The fact is that

a) stair climbing, jumping, warm bath and high heels DO NOT themselves Cause miscarriage especially in preg without associated risk factors

but it doesnt mean that one enforce a women for all these things,its totally upto her convenience and comfort. However daily routine work and 30min walk must be encouraged.

b) mild to moderate activity in usual pregnancies (including 15 to 18 steps/stair climbing in routine house hold work ) is good for blood circulation