Melasma Can Now Be Healed……

Melasma, or brown spots, is a common skin condition in which the skin pigment melanin is unevenly distributed in the skin. Melasma can affect anyone, although women with brownish-skin complexions are at higher risk.
Photo of melasma (pregnancy mask) on woman

Causes of Melasma

–Homonal imbalance is common during pregnancy, which can cause excess production of melanin. This eventually brings discolored skin and hence melasma is usually observed in pregnant women.

–Also, when skin is exposed to sun for prolonged periods of time, it may respond in the form of melasma.

Thyroid problems such as overactive thyroid gland

–side effect of certain medications such as oral contraceptives or estrogen and progesterone pills, are some of the factors that can cause melasma.

1.Triphala Churnam:

Take 2 spoons of Triphala Churnam and add it to 300 ml of water.
Let it soak overnight. Next morning boil this water till you get 100 ml of brown color water mixed with triphala churnam.
Now filter the powder below and use this warm water to clean the effected area gently and later apply above pastes.


Apply lemon juice on the affected skin every day. Lemons contain citric acid, which can naturally lighten hair and skin. Wash your hands and squeeze a fresh lemon on the affected areas; gently rub and leave on for 20 minutes. You can apply lemon juice prior to applying any of the remedies mentioned above.

3.Aloe Vera:

Gently massage the affected areas with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera contains a potent substance called mucilaginous polysaccharide (MPS), which softens and lightens brown spots and other discolorations.


Onions are also extremely successful in the melasma treatment. Blend together two medium sized onions and grind them into a thick paste. Once the paste has been formed, squeeze the onions and extract all the juice. To this onion juice, add some apple cider vinegar and then use this mixture as a topical application. This can help you get rid of the marks.

5.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar, an item found in almost every household can also be effective to remove melasma. Mix half a cup of white vinegar in equal amounts of water. The solution thus prepared is then used for washing the face. Vinegar is basically an astringent that causes contraction of superficial skin. This action helps to make the skin look better and smoother. Use of apple cider vinegar has been long regarded as one of the beautiful skin remedies. Once you have applied the solution on the affected area, wash it with water after a few minutes. Allow the affected area to dry naturally and do not use a towel.


A turmeric paste made by mixing lemon juice with turmeric powder, when applied on the affected region is helpful to eliminate melasma. This is because turmeric stops excessive production of melanin, which helps to reduce those brown spots. Once applied, let the paste remain for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash the affected part with clean water.