Bid goodbye to dull skin!


Suffering from marks, pigmentation or dull skin? Every bride should look her best on her wedding day.

To get a fair skin is every women desire. And to maintain that fairness one has to pay a little attention. One can’t change the complexion completely overnight, but by regular efforts you can improve the colour of complexion from dark to fair. Especially in summer season great care is to be taken to maintain the complexion due to sun tan. Following are some tips for fair skin by which tells you how to get a fair and glowing skin naturally at home.

People want to have a fair face for enhancing their beauty. Especially in Asian countries, people have a fetish for fair skin. But only few are blessed to have a really fair complexion. But, do not let worry dominate your mindscape. You do not have to splurge a lot of money in the beauty parlours to get fairer skin or buy expensive fairness cream. The only thing you need to buy a good sunscreen (SPF 30+) before stepping out of home, and when you are at home, it is necessary to wear sun block (SPF 15). You can get fair skin at home by using the products which are available in your kitchen. Here are some tips for getting fair skin at home, which must be used only when you use a good sun block.


How to treat dull and pigmented skin?

Take control of your own skin! Pigmentation can take months to resolve with proper treatment, so, the earlier you start the better. There are many options to help fade those dark marks. But, you need to know what will be safe and what can cause undue damage.

  • Sun block and sun avoidance
  • Choose the right sunscreen
  • Whenever you’re outside, wear a hat
  • Follow a good skin-care regimen
  • Cleanse your skin regularly with Facial Cleansers.
  • Along with cleansing exfoliating your skin is equally important.


Try using these home remedies to restore a smooth complexion:

  • Mix egg white glycerin besan flour, sandalwood powder and tomato juice. Make a thick paste. This can be applied over the skin. With in continuous application of 7 days, you will start getting results.
  • Among tips to get a fair skin a very effective and easy tip is t make a face mask by mixing honey and lemon in equal amounts. Apply this mixture on the face and get a fair and glowing skin instantly
  • Make a face mask using oatmeal, a pinch of turmeric and milk. Make a paste and apply on your face. After 10 minutes wash with water while massaging.
  • Gram flour has also shown great results when used in face mask to get a fair and glowing skin. It can be used by making a paste with milk and a pinch of turmeric. For oily skin you can add rose water instead of milk.
  • Among very effective tips for getting a fair skin is using lemon. It reduces tan and makes your skin fairer.


  • Tomato also helps in getting a fair skin as it is also a citrus fruit. Mix tomato juice and few drops of lemon. Apply on face as a face mask. Leave for 20 minutes and wash. Great face mask for oily skin to become fair.
  • Almonds are known for its property to make the skin fairer. It shows the results from the very first use. Soak almonds in water. In the night grind it with milk to make a fine paste apply on the face and leave overnight. In the morning wash with water. you will find your skin fair and glowing too.
  • Cucumber juice lightens your skin tone and also gives a relief from sunburn. In 2 tblsp of cucumber add 1 tblsp of lemon and a pinch of turmeric. This face mask to get a fair skin is perfect for oily skin in summer season. If your skin is dry you can add few drops of glycerine in this face mask.
  • Make a face mask using fuller earth, gram flour, a little turmeric and rose water. Apply on the face. Leave it till dry. Very good face mask for oily skin to get fair and glowing skin. Again for dry skin you can add milk cream in it.
  • For dry skin you can use milk and honey combination.


  • Dried orange peel has shown very good results when used in a face mask. Mix dried orange peel with curd to make a paste. Apply on your face for 20 minutes and wash. This home remedy also helps to removes blemishes and scars.
  • Take a ripe papaya. Mash it and add two three spoons of milk in it. Apply on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. Papaya is well known for its skin lightening properties and makes you complexion fairer.
  • To make your skin glowing like after that of a facial, take a banana, mash it and smear on the face. Wash after 20 minutes. Your skin will glow like never before.
  • Soak some saffron in milk cream all night. In the morning blend it well and apply. It will lighten skin and also gives it a glow. Very good home remedy for dry skin.
  • Applying lemon juice daily is the easy and effective home remedy to get a fair skin.
  • Take 2 spoon of sugar with juice of a lemon to scrub your face. Scrub your face till sugar granules do not melt . Use it on your face, neck, elbows, legs to get fairer and softer skin. Do not do this if you have pimples on your face as pimples will burst in the process of scrubbing. This home remedy is helpful in getting you fair and smooth skin.
  • Bleaching creams. There are creams that can help you get fair skin. Some are safer than others, so use with caution, and apply to a small, inconspicuous spot on your arm before slathering on your face to make sure you don’t have an adverse reaction. Always consult your dermatologist before using any bleaching cream.

Tips to get fair skin

With a few small lifestyle changes and some easy home remedies, you can even out your skin and become the fairest of all!


It is said that the best things in the world are usually the simplest of all. Beauty secrets are no exception to this rule. You will come across numerous tips, suggestions, and advices when you check out a book on looking good or do a simple internet search. Today the market if full of various cosmetic, herbal as well as chemical products which claim to make you look fair, radiant, and simply magnificent! But it is important that you do not get blown away with such range of products and follow some experts tips to get flawless skin with organic facial skin care.