Don’t say no to cheese, it’s good for you!

cheese healthy food


People are afraid of cheese. It’s usually older customers who ask about low calorie, low fat, or low sodium cheese.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Cheese is fat,” he ponders. “Fat free cheese is like meat-free beef!”


Americans get a hefty dose of their saturated fat (too much) from cheese. We’re eating more cheese than ever. But that’s “cheese” as in cheese food and cheese product. These foods are a far cry from the original cheeses that monks and moms have been making for centuries from milk and rennet. And this cheesy stuff happens often in enormous doses, melted on pizzas and burgers and tacos. In other words, not the healthiest meals.


But cheese is really calorically dense, and full of fat (which our bodies need! But not too much!), and so for this reason scares people concerned about health and weight. The answer is unsexy but: everything in moderation.

This is where great cheese comes in. A little Bianco Sardo shaved on gnocchi or scrambled eggs is enough for a hit of flavor and salt and depth. Some Stinking Bishop smeared on a baguette will give your nose and mouth a big enough bang that you won’t need to go back for more.

cheesy food

Cheese is extremely rich in calcium, and that’s one important ingredient in making your teeth strong and healthy. Additionally, studies suggest that cheese can reduce plaque and stimulate saliva, thus keeping your mouth clean. Eating certain kinds of cheese such as cheddar, gouda and blue, immediately after a meal is proven to prevent tooth decay. So eat cheese for healthy teeth. This doesn’t mean you can skip brushing and flossing your teeth!


  • It’s even better for your bones
  • Eases pregnancy
  • Curbs PMS symptoms
  • For healthy skin
  • Prevents cancer
  • Keeps migraine headaches at bay
  • Boosts immunity