“Water enhancers” may help you drink more water…but are they good for you?


You know water is super healthy and important to drink, but if you don’t like the taste, you’re not alone: About 20 percent of Americans dislike the flavor of plain H2O, a Wall Street Journal article says.Many people are looking towards water enhancers to help meet their daily consumption of water. Water enhancers can be very flavorful and indulgent when thirsty. At one point or another we have all used some type of water flavoring to satisfy our taste buds.

Besides air, water is the most important substance needed to support life. Your metabolism and every major bodily function depends on water to work properly. Water not only gives the capacity for basic life, but it can also grant optimal health.Drinking enough water is always an easy task. Many people don’t find pleasure in drinking a basically tasteless fluid. The answer is not to turn to sodas and other drinks that are packed with sugars and syrups.

Water is an essential part of life- all life. Many people today are severely dehydrated from drinking everything BUT water. The problem, or rather the complaint often heard is: water doesn’t taste good. A bad taste in your mouth makes it hard to want to indulge in something, even if you know it’s good for you.Lots of these new waters are sweetened, some naturally and others artificially, to attract the taste buds of those who at heart may prefer soda. Current research still supports that artificial sweeteners are safe to consume but if they are drinking a lot of them and consuming other foods with artificial sweeteners as well, perhaps that is overkill. Long-term safety in abundance, in my opinion, is still questionable.


Some say water enhancers don’t add a bunch of junk into your water; they just put the good stuff in there. Others say watch out for the artificial sweeteners and especially the food coloring/dyes they contain. Water enhancers contain both artificial sweeteners and food coloring dyes. We think these water enhancers could have been developed more on the healthy side by eliminating the food dyes and replacing artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners.

Using water enhancers are not a bad thing however when used as a primary source of water intake may then become unhealthy. Although many of these enhancers are zero calories many contain sucralose, table sugar, malic acid, citric acids, and even corn syrup. When used in high moderation, our health may be put at risk.

water enhacers

Unfortunately, these stylish water enhancers are 100 percent marketing hype and zero percent substance. The trivial amount of vitamins they contain — typically B vitamins, which are promoted as energy enhancers — won’t give you a health boost. It’s true that B vitamins are required to process food and turn it into energy, but increasing your intake of B vitamins won’t increase your metabolism. The vast majority of people already get plenty of B vitamins in their diet (they’re found in almost every food), which means we just lose the excess in our urine.

Ways you can make drinking water more exciting.

  • Cucumbers are one of the most widely produced vegetables, so it’s one of the cheapest ways to flavor your water. Cucumbers also have silica, antioxidants and other minerals that are good for connective tissue like skin. The pleasant taste will probably urge you to drink more. It’s super easy. Just wash the cucumber and cut it into thin slices to drop directly into the water.
  • Citrus,Lemons, oranges, and limes are all very tasty to squeeze into water. Lemons have numerous health benefits. hey are also an anti-inflammatory and aid in digestive health. Citrus fruits also are very cheap. Just wash them off, cut them in half and squeeze out the juice. Or put it directly into your drink.
  • Berries,Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are all phenomenal water enhancers. Try to find them when they are in season, because when they are not it can be a little pricey. Make sure to wash them well before using them. Simply by dumping a handful into a glass or pitcher of water can add a ton of flavor.
  • Mints,If you like the flavor of mojitos you will love the flavor of mint in your water. Simply pinch off some cleaned mint leaves from the produce aisle. You can crush them up in your drink to release a stronger flavor. They go very well with slices of lemon or limes. Mint can also help ease stomach pains and cramps.
  • Carbonated water is not very popular in the U.S. but it is very common in Europe to give water more palatability. If you haven’t tried it before you may love it. It can’t hurt. Adding ice to your drink is probably the most common and easiest way to make it more refreshing. A cold drink also makes your stomach work to warm it up before digesting it. That uses up a very small number of calories but hey, calories can add up.
  • Creamy soups tend to be very high in calories and fat. They also don’t have much water in them. You can make a very nutrient rich watery soup. You can use broth or flavor your soup with spices. A soup can be made into a full meal if you add beans, veggies, potatoes, and chicken or other protein.
  • Teas,Black, and green teas are two of the most popular. Not only will you get the benefits of hydration, but these teas also help prevent cancer, heart disease, and other nasty illnesses.

Now that you know how to measure healthy drinks, let’s review water enhancers. Water enhancers are flavored consumables you can drop in your water to give it flavor without deflating the value of the water. They come in a variety of flavors to tempt any palette, and this stuff really makes the water taste good. You’d be surprised how hydrated you will get when you actually like the taste of your water.

Some water enhancers deliver an energy boost, others come with vitamin, like orange flavor with vitamin C, so you not only drink your water; you get things often void in bottled water like minerals and vitamins! These elements are removed in the filtering process, but home filters leave enough in there. There are plenty of healthy water enhancers out there for you to buy.

The keys thing is to know what you are drinking, not all water enhancers are unhealthy. Check the nutrition label and ingredients to see what it contains. I personally try and stay away from water enhancers but if you need them to help you drink more water try and avoid the ones that contain high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, dextrose, and acids.