Treatment of eczema

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Eczema is a form of allergy resulting in an itchy red rash. This part of your skin is inflamed. Eczema can have various causes. We distinguish two types of eczema, namely hereditary eczema and contact dermatitis.

Hereditary eczema

The cause for this form eczema comes from within and is meegeerft. So there you also from birth are facing.

Contact eczema

The name says it all, the cause of this type is made external. This may be due, for example cosmetics or just a shampoo / soap. It depends where your skin is allergic to. You notice dryness and cracks on your skin and then creates the eczema.


In order not to aggravate eczema, you can follow the following tips

Wear cotton clothing instead of wool or synthetic fabric.

Try to keep the temperature of the body parts as constant as possible.

Use bath oil.

Dry after showering the body parts dabbing with a cloth.


The treatment

It consists of two steps

  1. Reducing Inflammation make skin supple &
  2. Total cure
  3. To reduce I recommend to use. Cortico-steroids inflammation Depending on the strength and aggression of the inflammation you can choose from four different strengths of cortical steroids. This cream you rub as instructed by the doctor to avoid any side effects.

When making your skin supple you care for a good cream, rich in oils ie greasy. This cream should be regularly and for a long time. So do not stop after a few soft, for a total healing can take up to five months.