A Weighty Issue – Scales on a Daily Basis

weight issues

Stepping on the scales isn’t most people’s favourite thing to do. An extra pound here and there can really make a depressing difference to the day. In fact, sometimes it can feel as if that weighing machine in the corner of the bathroom is watching us accusingly as we try to avoid it.

But in reality, a good pair of scales is just as much a part of your health management as fresh food and regular exercise. Of course, you shouldn’t be a slave to your weight, but it really is a good idea to monitor it every now and then to make sure you aren’t over or under the healthy weight for your height and gender.

If you are following an eating plan or diet then it can be reassuring to know that it’s working – just don’t be tempted to weigh yourself every single day, as you’re unlikely to lose weight so rapidly and this can be demotivating. In the same way, people trying to gain weight should check in around once a week just to make sure they are on the right path.

Parcels and Postage

Most of us do associate weighing scales with checking our own weight, but they actually have a multitude of purposes that many of us don’t ever consider. When you go to the post office with your parcel, you’re usually asked to place it on the scales. It’s important that these are calibrated extremely accurately to ensure that people aren’t paying over the odds for their postage.

Food, Fabulous Food

Weighing food is another big use for scales. Many of us have kitchen scales to weigh ingredients out, but food is also weighed on an industrial scale at factories and warehouses. When you buy any product it will have a weight printed clearly on the front or back and this means the product has been measured to an exact quantity.


Many laboratories also use scales for ultra-precise measuring and these must be calibrated to accept very tiny quantities, sometimes as small as one tenth of a milligram. If you weigh yourself on your bathroom scales, this amount wouldn’t even register, but for laboratory purposes finely tuned scales are essential for highly accurate measuring.

All That Glitters

The weight of gold and other precious metals can also be determined by using specially designed scales. The price of these metals fluctuates somewhat and when it is at a high people do tend to look at whether it might be profitable to sell some of their unwanted items. It’s important to weigh it in order to make sure you’re getting the right price.

So weighing and measuring have a multitude of purposes in our everyday lives. Many of these don’t even register with us most of the time, but next time you pick up a bag of flour in the supermarket or go to the post office with your parcel, just think how scales play a much bigger part in our lives than simply monitoring our extra pounds.

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