Effects of (long-term) cannabis use

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More and more students and pupils start at a younger age for the use of cannabis. Besides the relaxing feeling of cannabis use may however cause many bad side effects.

The long term effects of cannabis have been the subject of ongoing debate. Because cannabis is illegal in most countries, research presents a challenge; as such there remains much to be concluded. Studies have investigated both the detrimental and beneficial effects of long-term use of cannabis. The vast majority of this research focuses on those who use cannabis at least once a day. Recent research has investigated whether its long-term effects on adolescents differ from those on adults.

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Fatty acids
After a scientific study has found that cannabis users have a very high concentration of apo CIII in their blood. apo-CIII is a protein that the degradation of fatty acids, which also inhibits cholesterol. The production of apo-CIII is stimulated by THC. The accumulation of these fatty acids can lead to atherosclerosis. In that the fatty material binds itself to the walls of the blood vessels, a narrowing of blood vessels. Arises In addition, it causes a disruption to break down fats in the liver cells. Due to these causes, the risk of heart attack or stroke, increases.

Long-term cannabis use causes a deterioration of cognitive performance. This means that your concentration and recording level (recording material) recede.

Cannabis users have a greater risk of lung cancer. This is because cannabis contains more tar and more carcinogens than tobacco. The use of cannabis and tobacco together (joint) is much more dangerous than most of us think.

Women who use cannabis during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage. It causes namely poor placental perfusion. As a result, there is less oxygen is supplied to the child. In addition, long-term cannabis use can also prevent pregnancy. This is because the cannabinoids in cannabis to a low amount of endogenous cannabinoids can cause the uterus. Which implantation can not take place.

Mental side effects
Adolescents who begin at a very young age smoking cannabis increase the chance to be later in life or to get regular schizophrenic psychoses.

  • Strengthening of the vote (during use). So if you’re feeling gloomy gloomy is strengthened.
  • You can get hallucinations. However, this usually occurs during a ‘bad trip’ an anxious and panicky experience, where you become totally confused.
  • There may arise indifference toward school, work, etc. This is especially with prolonged use.

Social life
Thanks to the indifference and sometimes embarrassment, go communication with friends and family back. This cannabis users usually choose friends with similar lifestyles.

A solution!
To get rid of cannabis, there is only one solution. That is your own willpower. If this step there you can start making other friends. In addition, it is important that you put a good relationship with your family. In other words, change your lifestyle and go back to the old you!


Research clearly demonstrates that marijuana has the potential to cause problems in daily life or make a person’s existing problems worse. In fact, heavy marijuana users generally report lower life satisfaction, poorer mental and physical health, relationship problems, and less academic and career success compared to their peers who came from similar backgrounds. For example, marijuana use is associated with a higher likelihood of dropping out from school. Several studies also associate workers’ marijuana smoking with increased absences, tardiness, accidents, workers’ compensation claims, and job turnover.

The amount of the main psycho-active ingredient, THC, that you get in herbal cannabis varies hugely from as low as 1% up to 15%. The newer strains, including skunk, can have up to 20%. The newer varieties are, on the whole, two or three times stronger than those that were available 30 years ago. It works more quickly, and can produce hallucinations with profound relaxation and elation – along with nervousness, anxiety attacks, projectile vomiting and a strong desire to eat. They may be used by some as a substitute for Ecstasy or LSD.

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