Hijama(Cupping) for Diabetes


Cupping (hijama or bekam) therapy is an alternative medicine that can treat and/or cure many diseases ranging from minor common ailments like body aches and pain, cough, sore throat, eye and ear infection to serious chronic diseases including stroke, angina pain, arthritis and diabetes. Cupping has a long history spanning several thousand years and various cultures in the East and West using various materials like bamboo,glass, copper, etc and cupping techniques which are better discussed in other websites.

Aggressive cupping is only for serious chronic case e.g. diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease (hepatitis), and cancer and to be complemented with Pure Salt intake, drinking distilled water, daily exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle . The patient must undergo this treatment until all the toxic fluid has come out which may last few days (breathing difficulty), two weeks (diabetes) and up to two months (cancer). Each cupping session will last from one to two hours. Cupping marks will remain for more than one year and it is not recommended to perform the treatment on the face or on patient with skin cancer.

Aggressive cupping cleans the blood itself and allow red blood cells and white blood cells to receive vital supply of oxygen and nutrients thus improving its ability to deliver oxygen for energy production, fight off infection, clean up wounds and kill cancer cells. In addition all other cells, tissues and organs also receive much needed oxygen and nutrients and restore their normal function. Aggressive cupping is the most effective cupping technique.

Diabetic patients are always afraid of Hijama, they feel that the incisions (wounds) will not heal, same is the concept among those who take Anti-Coagulants like Aspirin. Such patients should be confident that applying Henna on the incisions will be fair enough to diminish all of their fears for a delayed wound healing.

8 cups on the back should be applied; the most important are 2 cups at the middle back, behind the tale of Pancreas. Hijama stabilizes the blood sugar. Another issue here is that some Hijama therapists try to convince their patients that their Diabetes will improve after Hijama, no doubt that it is correct, but without a strict Tibb-e-Nabavi diet & herbal support of blessed herbs from Tibb-e-Nabavi, curing Diabetes with Hijama alone is impossible and Allah Knows the Best.

Try to display Tibb-e-Nabavi as the complete cure, Hijama alone is the one fifth portion (20 %) of Tibb-e-Nabavi, we always combine Healing by Yaqeen, A’amal-e-Saelehaat, foods, and herbs of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam with HIJAMA