Many of us want to lose weight in the fastest way possible. Sticking to a diet plan can be challenging and with so many different diet plans, it can be just as challenging to choose one.

The Dos of Dieting


Diet Salad Eat Well and Drink Well

It´s easier to want to skip a meal as a quick way to weight loss but in actuality skipping a meal can be a lot more disastrous to your diet plan. You will get hungry a lot quicker which could result in a bad habit of snacking on unhealthy treats. To avoid this, it is important to remember what every good meal consists of. A meal that includes a good portion of protein like Turkey meat will fill you up for longer, help build muscle mass and reduce cravings. It´s good to know that carbohydrates are also good for you. Sometimes we tend to cut out all kinds of carbs in the hope of a quick weight loss but our bodies need them to burn energy and fat and help to power metabolism.

Carbs like brown rice, oats and even wholegrain wheat like brown bread and brown pasta are great for your body and diet plan. When taken in the right size portions, they can help lower cholesterol levels and keep you satisfied for longer. For portion size, you should be able to fit the amount of carbs you eat per meal in the palm of your hand.

Drink plenty of water. A daily recommended amount is 2 liters (approx. 8 glasses). In order to work harder, you need to stay hydrated. Water is also good for the skin.

Scales Be Realistic

The biggest mistake we could make for a healthy diet and weight loss plan is losing reality of what our bodies can achieve at different stages. Just because you´ve been on a diet for 5 days, doesn´t necessarily mean you will wake up looking like a super model. A healthy diet takes time and determination. Set yourself a series of short term goals that eventually lead to a long term weight loss goal. Be focused and don´t lose courage if it takes a little longer than you anticipated. Get into a habit of doing things and achieving goals that will have a long term effect. Consult a dietician or your doctor to work out a healthy weight to aim towards.


Exercise regularly to burn excess calories, tone your body and build muscle strength. An effective weight loss plan includes a regular exercise routine, sadly limiting the amount of calories intake isn´t as effective as it sounds. Eat well and exercise well go hand in hand together. Aim for 2 or 3 cardio sessions a week, you can start off slowly with a 30 minute workout and gradually progressing to 45 minutes or 1 hour workout. Choose running, cycling, swimming or playing sports, what ever you are comfortable with, mix and match your sessions or switch them for a fun session.

DON’T go it alone. Exercising with a friend can help you to stay focused and motivated and it´s more fun.

Sleep is GOOD

You can achieve better results by getting a good amount of sleep. 8 hours is enough to keep our bodies re-energised and our metabolisms speeding along. Not only is sleep good for the body, but it´s also great for your health and keeping good moods. You can also find other ways to relax which will boost your progress, taking up hobbies like reading, listening to music or art help take our minds off bad habits like comfort eating or snacking out of boredom.

The Don´ts of Dieting


Don’t Starve Yourself

Starvation is the fastest way to getting off track of a healthy diet plan. We will tend to snack more on unhealthy treats than eating healthier foods. It sets you up for disaster. Having a balanced diet as we mentioned earlier is a key factor and this means having to eat when you feel hungry. Research shows that muscles speed up our metabolism; each pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day. On the other hand, for every pound of muscle you lose through starvation, it slows your metabolism down by 50 calories a day.

If you want to snack, you can but remember to keep a healthy snack like fruits, yogurt, nuts and wholegrains keeping clear of processed food like biscuits, chocolate or cakes.

DON’T be too strict on yourself

Make the diet plan your healthy lifestyle. Treating a diet plan as your lifestyle will mean you take more care on how your live your life. It´s not a MUST that you should lose weight, but you choose to so you can feel happier in your own skin. It is wise to not push ourselves too far, take it easy and move at a pace that suits you. Don´t over exercise, you can take rest days in between and don´t be afraid to take light exercises like walking for 25 minutes. When training, choose weights that you are able to carry and stick to lower core exercises. This will help you stretch your muscles for longer and prevent exhaustion too quickly.

One blunder is just a blunder

Don´t let one blunder ruin your entire diet plan. This discouraging feeling can quickly produce bad moods and make us lose focus. Making a diet mistake is okay and it does happen to many of us, the important thing to remember is how you deal with it afterwards. You can still achieve your goal if you stay focused and not give up all together. Always aim for success!