SHINGLES It Effects and Home remedies


It is caused by the same varicilla – zoster virus chickenpox in children , genital herpes in adults and common cold sores caused . When someone chickenpox as a child had the virus remains permanently in his spinal cord and can linger for many years . It is usually triggered when the person temporarily or permanently put off .

The virus moves to the nerve endings and send impulses to the brain that give indications that skin itching , burning and painful . 90 % of people who had chickenpox as a child is at risk to get shingles at a later age . Shingles is contagious and anyone who has not had chickenpox or shingles yet, can infect . It is also possible to prevent a recurrence of the condition experienced . Be careful when working with shingles and chickenpox contact not sticking to itself or it to others to carry . Children who get chickenpox can infect . It is therefore advisable to keep children away from someone with shingles.

Shingles Facts :

  • Shingles occurs mainly in older people over 60 who live alone or who do not have access to proper balanced nutrition
  • People with a weak constitution is more at risk to get shingles .
  • Shingles occurs more often in the summer.
  • The moisture from the shingles blisters is contagious.
  • Persons chickenpox as a child , had a greater risk to get shingles at a later age .
  • Approximately 20 % of people over 60 can get shingles .
  • People only get a condition of shingles .
  • Older people with chicken pox as a child and having children come into contact with chicken pox can get shingles more easily because the virus remains in a dormant state in the body, and then again active.
  • Adults get shingles and chickenpox children get the same virus.
  • Shingles can occur in different intensities and can sometimes be confused with something that looks like measles , especially if the intensity of the disease is not high .

So try to avoid your children getting chicken pox by having them vaccinated against chicken pox, to have them back the possible inconvenience to save a life later a lifestyle setback with shingles!

  1. Consequences of untreated shingles:
  2. Can affect internal organs such as the kidneys, lungs and liver
  3. Can blindness or deafness when in the face remains untreated
  4. Can cause paralysis
  5. Secondary bacterial infections resulting as viral pneumonia


Treatment of Shingles :

  • The best treatment Zovirax , Acyclover or similar drugs. Unfortunately very expensive and only get on prescription .
  • Calamine lotion or Spread 1 jar Aquas cream (white kind ) mixed with ½ bottle of Tea Tree Oil , 3 x per day for severe itching and burning .
  • Confree ointment works very well , spread on short- short .
  • Take vitamin B 12 .
  • Provide plenty of fruit and raw vegetables with fish and chicken as a staple food . Especially bananas , nuts , potatoes and sweet potatoes , which are high in Vitamin B6 .
  • Very high dose Multi – Vitamin and Mineral Supplement dosage. At least 2,500 % water soluble vitamins and fat-soluble 1000 % of vitamins per day . Gradually increase the Vitamin C supplement to 8000mg per day . Pregnant women should be administered with caution to approach , especially Vitamin A.
  • Use Cayenne pepper on food, it has a natural painkiller for the skin .
  • Drink only Green tea , it has anti- viral , anti – inflammatory and anti-oxidants in .

Shingles home remedy:

  • The old people believed that the intake of turmeric is very beneficial of shingles is definitely so.
  • A teaspoon of turmeric, morning and night, helping the body against shingles.
  • The immense pain of the wounds can be reduced by aalwynjel to rub sore.
  • Take an aloe leaf (preferably the periwinkle), put the leaves in hot ashes.
  • The leaf will swell the gel inside the leaf will soften.
  • Cut the leaf open and rub the gel on the tepid hurts and you will feel the sensitive places ‘cool’ is and the tremendous sensitivity decreases.