Grandfolks can help children in reducing exam stress


Students are often faced with a series of exams or tests at the end of term or semester, which are usually scheduled closely together. This can lead to great stress for students – and those who live with them! This information sheet covers the subject of exam stress and how to help your child through it.

Exam time is stressful for children as well as their parents. But the role of grandparents during this taxing situation is highly underestimated. According to a magazine, grandparents can help relieve some tension by keeping their cool during panic are good study companions to their grand children and teach them the art of learning.

Thanks to their own experience, grandparents can make difficult subjects easier for kids by simplifying topics through examples, addressing their innate fears regarding the papers, and by spending time with them.

grand parents n child

Grandparents also provide psychological and emotional support. Lastly, they can be the best of guides and teachers, and clear doubts which the kids may have amassed in the classroom.

If your child is not able to do well in the exam and they feel very upset about it, reassure them that there is always a second chance and passing an exam is only part of the story. It may be helpful to take some time to discuss with your child any problems they had so they can avoid them and do better next time.