Ways to stop sweating over small stuff!


Ever tried being perfect, until a wave of panic hits you: what if I make a mistake? Then you get all stressed, and you’ve pretty much wanted to freak out. Staying calm and maintaining a level head is the key to stop overreacting to every little one of life’s problems.

  • Deal with the small irritants: Work on your blocks. Ask yourself why the issue is bothering you. Fretting over issues like servants’ bad behavior, too much salt in food, phone battery dying will not solve the problem. It is important to find solutions rather than fretting over the issue. Also learn to differentiate between the important issues and the trivial ones. If something is nagging you, address the problem.”
  • Distract yourself: People can learn to break the habit of a lifetime by indulging in distracting activities.Go for a walk, take a shower or read a good book. Call someone. A worry shared is a worry halved.
  • Listen to your own tone: Pay attention to the language you use when talking to yourself.  People create tension by constantly recalling nagging issues in their mind. This constant chatter with yourself over issues can lead to stress. You need to get rid of this habit.”
  • Don’t be a perfectionist: You don’t need to be the best in everything. Don’t set unrealistic goals and standards for yourself. Whether it’s work or relationships, be flexible.
  • The five-year rule: When you are sweating over the weather or your colleague, ask yourself ‘Will this matter in five years’ time?’ Look at your worry from a long-term point of view. This will help you get over the irritant.
  • Create a fretting time: Give yourself five minutes in a day to worry about something. Tell yourself, you can’t take more time to brood over something small for a longer time. During “worry time”, let your mind introspect freely.

Thinking differently calms down your brain’s emotional region. For instance, if you spent your morning lingering over coffee and the paper while waiting, try to view this as a rare, unexpected luxury instead of a waste of time. It’s also helpful to think of the big picture. Perhaps the cable guy simply had more assignments than he could humanly keep up with. This is not to say that you should let it go. You absolutely should call the cable company and express your frustration.