Hot? Try a healthy fruit Popsicle


As summer approaches, get going with these tangy-sweet, easy-to-make cold desserts.

The next time you’re sweltering under the sun, ditch the high-sugar syrups, artificially flavored beverages and slushes and opt for a stick of cold goodness – the healthy, homemade fruit Popsicle! Not only are they a natural fix, but can make for pretty handouts at your summer alfresco dinner party too. Best part? These fruit Popsicle can be made with just four to five ingredients, or less.


Having artificially-flavored drinks doesn’t help hydrate the body, says nutritionist. One glass of tetra pack juice adds up to 10 spoons of sugar; it makes you very hyper and all you get is a sugar rush after which it gives an energy plunge. For parents who are finding it hard to get their kids to eat more fruits, This is a good option. Fruits help you stay hydrated. Most fruits, like yellow melon and watermelon have over 80 per cent water, so these melon pops with mint or basil or even lemon squeezed in them, are a delicious choice.

These Popsicles are a nice way to replenish the minerals lost while sweating, says consulting dietitian.Try citrus fruits like oranges, malts and sweet limes, which are thirst-quenching and have an instant pick-me-up effect. Pomegranate and lemon is an excellent combination too. Pomegranate is heart-friendly, it has a low glycemic index and recommended for obese and diabetic patients. Add ginger to any of the fruit juices and purees; it adds flavor, is anti-inflammatory and a digestive. Mix it with the coconut milk cream for a natural, fruity punch.



Mix the fruit you need in a bowl. Spoon it into your Popsicle molds. Pour enough fruit juice or lime water to cover the fruit. Put them in the fridge. After about 20 minutes, insert a stick in each and freeze. To remove, run under cold water for a few seconds, then ease the pops out.



Mango juicicle: First vote goes to this! It’s healthy and is the fruit of the season. Make mango lassicles with mangoes, yogurt, a pinch of salt, cardamom and honey. Kiwi-sicle: Fresh kiwis, juice of limes, sugar and water are all you need to make this. Strawberry lassicle: Prepare your strawberry and yogurt mix. Freeze in the Popsicle mold and enjoy! Peach and basil-sicle: Puree fresh peaches, add some lime juice, ginger, a little water and basil leaves. Freeze.

Vegan chocolate with pine nuts: Make it with coconut and almond milk, oil, vanilla beans and roasted pine nuts for the topping.

Low-fat cheesecakesicle: Skim the cream, use low-fat cream cheese, skim milk, vanilla extract and sugar. Nice for a midday pick-me-up!

Sweet corn-sicle: Boil corn kernels, add coconut milk, a pinch of vanilla essence and salt.

Low-fat fig-sicle: Use vanilla, yogurt, sugar and sliced figs for this unique twist.