Heal yourself and beat stress

beat stress

A highly competitive world throws up its own challenges.But while overcoming depression isn’t quick or easy, it’s far from impossible.

Stress is the new norm. Some people in the West think it fashionable to visit a psychiatrist from time to time. In India, consulting a counsellor is becoming increasingly common. However, on a practical level, there is a need for people to be their own counsellors.

Here are some basics that should be kept in mind: Your own best friend You are your own best friend. You need to look after yourself first. Very often people worry about what others in the family think,and they compromise on their own interests.Just like the flying crew instructs you before take-off, you should put on your own oxygen mask, before putting on someone else’s.

Happiness is your choice Your happiness is your choice. Do not blame the world for your challenges.You are as happy or unhappy as you want to be. When you start blaming others for your problems, you make yourself a victim. It is better to get out of the valley and start climbing to the top of the mountain than blaming others for putting you down there.

Take action Many people think too much about all the things that are going wrong in their lives, and they get overwhelmed with self pity. That is like trying to dig more, in the hope that you will eventually get out of the hole.

Yet there are terrific foods that bring real, long-lasting comfort when we are at risk of, or struggling with, stress or depression. Reaching for a banana topped with almond butter instead of a cookie can begin a simple, life-altering shift that may help you ward off mood problems as well as lessen the impact if they do occur.

Your best bet is to either ask someone you can trust for a possible solution, or do what you do in the corporate world segregate your issues and prioritise them.Start working either on the smallest problems so that you can show some quick results that will boost your confidence or start working on your bigger problems and get them out of the way first.

Self help is good Check if life is following an apparent pattern. If you have a problem with relationships, instead of looking for new relationships in the hope that the new ones will work, you could figure out what is going wrong with your current relationships.

Sitting down with people, and speaking frankly and openly, can reveal a lot about who you are, and how you are perceived. Finding out your ‘blind spots’ could be one of the best exercises you could do for yourself.

Finally, build up a system that will keep you positive. Find a sport, hobby or pastime that enables you to feel happy. Aerobics, sports, yoga etc are great and can keep your motivation high. Remember, it’s your life, and you have a responsibility to keep it positive.

The key to depression recovery is to start with a few small goals and slowly build from there. Draw upon whatever resources you have. You may not have much energy, but you probably have enough to take a short walk around the block or pick up the phone to call a loved one.