Summer care tips for happy feet


Everyone wants to look perfect, summer is the time to show off your toes and dainty feet. It is also important to take care of them so you can flaunt them confidently. 

The summer heat can make your feet dry and  rough with the skin peeling off due to bad weather conditions. But healthy skin and your proper care reflects your whole personality.

 In order to keep your feet healthy, here are few ways to avoid summer take away your beauty of feet. Learn to pamper your feet. 

SUNSCREEN: Don’t forget to slather sunscreen on your feet, too. During the summer, the feet are often forgotten when protecting skin from the sun. Protect your feet and remember to check them for sun damage when you do regular self-exams.

Vaseline – Apply a layer of Vaseline on your feet at night regularly. This will changes your texture of your skin and makes it smooth.

Coconut oil – Massage your feet with coconut oil, it is very simple way to soothe and hydrate tired your feet.

Rose water and Glycerine – Combine Rose water and glycerine together and fill it in a bottle. Use this solution daily on your feet. It helps to repair your cracks  and prevent your feet from itching and irritation. 

Moisturise your feet: The skin on your feet needs moisture just like the rest of your body. To keep your feet soft and to prevent dry, cracking heels, use a foot cream regularly at night as part of your home pedicure routine. 

A proper care and regular foot massage is essential for our feet. Massage improves our blood circulation and makes our feet soft and smooth. By these, keeps your feet beautiful  young and looking fresh always.